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We act as your Talent Acquisition Team, Building your Brand and Recruiting The People You Need.

50+ Years Experience

About The Right Resource

Right now, the talent market is the most challenging and competitive that it has been in the last 30 years. If you don’t have a fully functional internal talent team actively recruiting candidates every day, you’re losing ground to your competitors.

The Right Talent Acquisition Team

We act as an internal part of your company, partnering and providing all talent acquisition functions including Head of Talent, Full-cycle Recruiting, Sourcing, Coordination, Interview Process Management, and Interviewer Training.

The Right Pipeline for your Roles

By working with The Right Resource, you ensure that you end up with a strong internal team to support your growth and culture throughout your lifecycle. Our mission doesn’t end once your team is established: we will go the distance with you, and always remain on tap to fine-tune or course-correct your efforts.

Our Experts


John Vormbaum


John has over twenty five years of experience in Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, VP/Head of Talent, and account manager. After partnering in two staffing firms in the 1990’s which both achieved successful exits, John started the original Right Resource (TRR) in 2001. TRR became an expert partner for series A, B and C startups, recruiting key engineering, executive and marketing talent, often from company inception through exit (Fortify Software, VA Linux, PlaceWare, Vitria Technology, newScale, others). In 15 years, TRR helped more than 100 clients on three continents achieve their growth and talent-bar goals. In 2015, John joined thredUP as their VP Talent, growing their core engineering & marketing teams from 25 to 85 from lean startup to an enduring eCommerce brand. In 2016, John joined Clover Network as Head of Talent, and grew their team from 85 to 529 in 2.5 years. Having operated in economic and market conditions at both extremes of the spectrum, John is focused on sharing the lessons learned and helping companies achieve quick and sustainable success while avoiding pitfalls common to early-stage companies. John studied International Business at San Jose State University. He’s an avid golfer, cyclist and pilot, and a mediocre but enthusiastic musician.


Bryan Smith

Partner, Director of Recruiting Operations

Bryan has over twenty five years of experience in Silicon Valley as a Staffing Manager, Sr. Technical Recruiter, and entrepreneur. He has successfully led and recruited for Startup and Fortune 500 companies, and is passionate about scaling companies from Startup to Mid-Level Enterprises. From 1998 to 2003, Bryan successfully led Vitria Technology’s recruiting efforts, growing them from 50 to over 1100 people, resulting in a successful IPO. From 2016 to 2020, Bryan was the Lead Technical Recruiter for Clover Network, where he helped grow the company, mostly engineers, from 85 people to 529 people, with a subsequent acquisition of parent company First Data by Fiserv. From 2003 to 2012, Bryan partnered in two startup businesses, BlueStar Services and BrightLine Bags, each achieving multi-million dollar valuations. As a Staffing Professional in early stage companies and successful entrepreneur, Bryan understands and knows how to teach the processes and formulas it takes to successfully and quickly scale small, emerging companies. When away from the office, Bryan enjoys playing the guitar, golfing, reading, and aviation. Bryan has a B.S. from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

The Right Resource is a complete high-performing Talent Acquisition team.

We can work with your executives or existing talent leaders to optimize your growth plan, and immediately build pipeline for your most critical roles.


Combined 50 Years of Experience

The Right Resource uses the combined 50 years of experience of its partners to help early- and mid-stage startups quickly grow their talent brand, culture and headcount efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the knowledge and tools you need to build strong in-house talent acquisition and people operations teams, and to lay the foundation for a strong, diverse, positive and enduring company culture.

High-growth Statups

 We have assisted high-growth startups in all of their life stages – often from inception/stealth mode through maturity and/or exit.