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About The Right Resource

Right now, the talent market is the most challenging and competitive that it has been in the last 30 years. If you don’t have a fully functional internal talent team actively recruiting candidates every day, you’re losing ground to your competitors.

The Right Talent Acquisition Team

We act as an internal part of your company, partnering and providing all talent acquisition functions including Head of Talent, Full-cycle Recruiting, Sourcing, Coordination, Interview Process Management, and Interviewer Training.

The Right Pipeline for your Roles

By working with The Right Resource, you ensure that you end up with a strong internal team to support your growth and culture throughout your lifecycle. Our mission doesn’t end once your team is established: we will go the distance with you, and always remain on tap to fine-tune or course-correct your efforts.

Combined 50 Years of Experience

The Right Resource uses the combined 50 years of experience of its partners to help early- and mid-stage startups quickly grow their talent brand, culture and headcount efficiently and effectively.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the knowledge and tools you need to build strong in-house talent acquisition and people operations teams, and to lay the foundation for a strong, diverse, positive and enduring company culture.

High-growth Startups

 We have assisted high-growth startups in all of their life stages – often from inception/stealth mode through maturity and/or exit.

Our Services

What We Can Do For You

We shorten the recruiting cycle for you and ramp your talent acquisition efforts quickly. We can work with your executives or existing talent leaders to optimize your growth plan, and immediately build pipeline for your most critical roles.

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The Right Resource For You


The Right Presence

We make your company "Real" by giving it a robust online presence.


The Right Platform

We guide you through Product & Tool Selection


The Right People

We help build your core team, and scale your initial internal infrastructure.

The Right Pipeline

We craft a robust sourcing strategy for you to target exactly the right candidates

The Right Resource

The Right Culture

Company culture is intimately intertwined with talent acquisition efforts. Building a diverse and rewarding company culture starts with the first hire. Building effective People Operations teams is the key to supporting new hires, enhancing employee retention and fostering employee development.

Always accessible

The Right Customer Support

Our team is always available for any support your need.